Beautiful Joe Park

This was my backyard where I lived happily ever after my rescue! The house at the top of the driveway on Edwin Street is where I was brought after my terrible ordeal with my original abusive owner. It is privately owned, but at one time my friends at the Beautiful Joe Heritage Society had hoped to purchase it.

Today my backyard is a shady park, named after me! It celebrates the animal/human bond with many interesting things to see. Bring your furry friend, but please be respectful as this park is on leash only. You will love it here – as much as I did – even though it’s changed a lot!

Historic Beautiful Joe Park

The Park is 8.5 acres of tranquil greenery bounded by the Bighead River. It was originally severed from the house and designated as parkland back in 1963. The land was quite overgrown and a group of volunteers, spear-headed by the Meaford Rotary Club went to work. The locals knew that I was laid to rest on the property not far from the river, and sure enough, a marker was uncovered and authenticated and proper cairn was erected.

Visitors and Friends

My friends at the Beautiful Joe Heritage Society do gush about these elves who use the park. It seems they pick up litter, dead head the plants, pull weeds, fill water bowls for the visiting pooches and just generally keep the park tidy and encourage others to respect it too. These same elves often dress me up with hats, scarves … and bring me gifts too, like painted rocks, flowers, toys, sticks, balls, even notes and cards … Here’s an example – Would you believe I even got a hand-written card from a woman named Memory who works with exotic animals in Houston Texas! The note, which had a zebra on the cover, was found in the garden at the park and it said her grandmother bought a copy of Beautiful Joe in the 1920’s for 10 cents, and she gave it to Memory when she was a child. My friends at the Society were in awe!

Thank you for visiting and thank you to the elves!

Painted Rocks

My Park is very shady and lovely, and because of this, gardening can be a challenge. It was decided a few years ago to get the community involved, especially children, and we had some rock painting events. The painted rocks were collected and sealed, then introduced into the gardens to add colour and interest. I still see people hiding newly-painted rocks for others to find!

My Park is very neatly kept thanks to:

  • The Municipality of Meaford’s Parks & Rec Department staff
  • The Society
  • The volunteers for the spring (and sometimes fall) Park Cleanup
  • The local “elves” that I hear the Board Members talk about so glowingly

Thank you to all our “Good Neighbours” who pick up after their pets.

Book the Pavillion

To book the pavilion at Beautiful Joe Park for a large gathering, meeting or event, contact the Municipality of Meaford 519-538-1060 (Parks & Rec Dept.). Hydro is available at the pavilion.

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