From the Beautiful Joe Heritage Society Board of Directors

Thank you to my friends at the Beautiful Joe Heritage Society who have kept my story alive and who made my backyard into the unique place that celebrates the animal-human bond.

Our Board all bring a love of animals to the organization. Their vision is to make Beautiful Joe Park an international tourist attraction and Heritage Site.

Meet our Board

Lynda Stephens

Chair / Secretary

Lynda Stephens came to the Beautiful Joe Heritage Society as part of her role with Meaford Council. After leaving politics, she stayed on with us and her leadership and sound administrative background has been an invaluable contribution to our team. She has many grand-dogs and the local dogs love that she always offers them treats …. “Compliments of Beautiful Joe”.

Sharon Mansion

Vice Chair

Sharon Mansion has a sales and marketing background, experience in the hospitality industry and has traveled extensively. Sharon lives nearby and frequents the park with her dog several times a week. Spontaneous tours of the park with newcomers, visitors and even local residents often erupt when Sharon is in the park! … and she too dishes out treats “Compliments of Beautiful Joe”.

Rosemary Henry


Rosemary Henry has a financial background, with prior experience on volunteer boards and loves spending time with her two four-legged friends

Dinah Shields


Dinah Shields has a love of books and gardening. She reviews vintage copies of Beautiful Joe, does research and writes articles for our monthly BarkOut E-Newsletter. She is also the maker of beautiful jewelry which has been sold locally and here  on our website!

Jim Brown


Jim Brown is our ‘numbers guy’ with a background in Engineering. He is responsible for maintaining our financial records. He also helps out with various projects in the park. Thumper, their cat, keeps him company when he’s working on the books and various spreadsheets for us!

Become a Board Member

We periodically seek active board members.  If you are interested, complete the application. You can also contact us for a meet and greet.