Leash Free Dog Park

My hometown of Meaford

The Leash Free Dog Park is located at 35 Grant Ave. at Aiken Street in Meaford (on the way to Memorial Park).

The Leash Free Park is just a 5-minute walk to Memorial Park which is on-leash from late April to early November.

With the help of some great donors and events, the Society raised half the cost of this $18,000 dog park. Although it is Municipally-owned, we are often notified of any repairs, supplies and needs for it. We monitor the poop bag station, but if you discover more are needed, please contact us admin@beautifuljoe.org or notify the municipality.

Park Amenities

In September of 2013, this dog park opened with lots of amenities:

  • Two fenced and separate zones – one for large dogs and the other for small dogs
  • Poop bag dispenser and garbage receptacles are provided to ensure this park is kept clean
  • At the request of park patrons, the Society added 2 cigarette butt receptacles to prevent people from littering and the potential harm to pups eating them. This was a great solution.
  • Trees were planted in 2014 to provide shade
  • It is a 4-season park with running water in summer to early fall.
  • Parking is available on site


Is your business or organization looking for a sponsorship opportunity?  Put your mark at our leash-free park.

Currently we have advertising signage opportunities at Beautiful Joe’s Leash-free Dog Park. Our sign has excellent visibility from Grant Avenue on the way to Memorial Park and to Beachvale subdivision. Lots of dog owners and visitors use the Leash-free park to exercise and socialize their dogs all year round. Contact us! 519-538-5895 (leave a message) or send us an email admin@beautifuljoe.org.