Memorial Park

 – -Leash Free Beach

At the far east end of the Memorial Park beach, there is a small zone designated as Leash Free Dog Beach just for dogs and their people.

Please respect others and as always, pick up after your pet and dispose of the waste in the available waste bins. Supervise your pooch carefully to ensure they are playing nicely with others (people and dogs). Be kind!

This leash free dog beach area is a privilege – not a right. Bad behaviour could result in a change in policy by the Municipality of Meaford, and that would affect its future! This would be difficult to explain to my water-loving friends that have enjoyed it since 2013!

In the wintry months, from November to April, Memorial Park becomes leash free. Again, please respect this privilege and always pick up after your pet and dispose of it properly in the receptacle at the park entrance, or take it home and dispose of it. This is mandatory – no exceptions!

Campground &
Leash Free Beach

My hometown of Meaford

My hometown of Meaford (and area) have so many great amenities for my canine friends including pet supply stores, groomers, doggy daycare, dog training, veterinarians, and pet photographers/artists.

We also have lots of hiking trails, camping, and then of course Georgian Bay for swimming, paddling, boating and fishing. People tell me the restaurants are great too OR why not have a picnic at the waterfront OR one of our parks …. I know this really good one, named after a famous dog!

Spend the day or camp overnight

Since 2021, visitor parking is no longer free within Memorial Park, unless you are camping there (one vehicle included per site) or have a permit / or are registered with the Municipality..  For details, contact the Municipality. 

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