It was a summer day and we were over visiting our Dad. When we got there, he had a new dog. She was a mix between a black lab and a bull mastiff. We were happy to have another pet after our cats had run away. When we played ball, she would run half way and we would have to get the ball for her. Instead of ball, she liked getting into the garbage, chewing her Kong, her bone and our stuffed animals. One night she jumped over our fence to chase a rabbit, she came back to the front door and knocked with her paws. We wanted to make her feel at home so we crawled into her new crate, she started to sneeze and it looks like she was laughing at us.

Over the years she has gotten into trouble but we always loved her and she loved us. Brooklyn passed away suddenly on Tuesday April 2, 2013.

Our whole family misses her so much and we have been crying a lot. We love you Brooklyn!