October 15, 2005 – July 1, 2014

Sasha loved people, and would approach even complete strangers with her loopy Lab smile and ingratiating manner, always open for a pat, hopeful of receiving a treat. She came into our lives three years ago, when our son asked us to consider ‘adopting’ her; work commitments were making it difficult for him to spend enough time with her. He felt that she deserved a full time family. My husband was living with Alzheimer’s Disease, and I was his caregiver, so it seemed challenging to bring a pet into our home, but from the start, Sasha was a welcome addition. We loved her, she loved us. She got us out for walks, and provided my husband with tasks around her care. When he went into a care facility recently, Sasha became a keen “Pet Visitor”. She was my loyal roommate, and the two of us were a recognizable team on our walks in the neighborhood. Just after the last walk of her life, Sasha suffered a brain aneurysm that stole her away within moments. She left a huge hole in all of our lives with her passing.
“Goodbye, Young Dog. We will miss you forever. Rest in peace.”