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Celebrating the Animal  Human Bond

Beautiful Joe Heritage Society

Remembering Josephinejosephine

Thursday 13 May 1982
Ada Kuehner, 1921-2003, "Mommy" to Josephine and the five girls who loved Josephine.

Today Josephine was put to rest, to spare her more pain and discomfort. We all feel, I think, that she earned the right to an easy departure, for growing up with the family as a companion, playmate, and guardian, she lived a full life.

I always felt she was unusually bright (like all my girls), and had a special personality, a sense of humor, as in the "karate shots" she would give one from the rear, or her playful "hat-snatching attacks" in which she would pull the girls stocking-caps off, and an independence of personality, as she took every chance to go exploring.

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Our Friend Brooklynbrooklyn

It was a summer day and we were over visiting our Dad. When we got there, he had a new dog. She was a mix between a black lab and a bull mastiff. We were happy to have another pet after our cats had run away. When we played ball, she would run half way and we would have to get the ball for her. Instead of ball, she liked getting into the garbage, chewing her Kong, her bone and our stuffed animals. One night she jumped over our fence to chase a rabbit, she came back to the front door and knocked with her paws. We wanted to make her feel at home so we crawled into her new crate, she started to sneeze and it looks like she was laughing at us.

Over the years she has gotten into trouble but we always loved her and she loved us. Brooklyn passed away suddenly on Tuesday April 2, 2013.

Our whole family misses her so much and we have been crying a lot. We love you Brooklyn!

EVA, the Rescue Dog

evaMy daughter, Jessica, rescued Eva when she was 4 years old. She was part of a group of Schnauzers that had been badly neglected. She had lived in a cage for most of her life. When Jessica started a new job, Eva came to live on the farm with us and our two Schnauzers, Daisy and Mo. It took Eva about a year to learn how to play us and the other dogs, and to run. But most of the time, she was content to lie on the couch in the sunroom where she could watch the outdoor activities and keep an eye on me in the kitchen. She charmed everyone she met with her pretty face and sweet demeanour.

She loved food, and would wait patiently for the other dogs to finish up their meals, so she could lick their bowls after licking her own bowl clean.

Eva was 8 when she died of cancer. We were blessed to know her for 4 years and I am happy to think we gave her almost half a lifetime of dog bliss on the farm. She never spent any of that time in a cage and she never missed a meal, including the morning that she died.

Liam Crooks (2004 – 2013) – a wonderful boy.

liam 300Liam was born at Milsean Kennels in Milgrove, Ontario on Jan.15, 2004. He and his sister were the only blond Bouviers in the litter and since our previous two Bouvs had been the traditional black , we decided to try a blond and what miraculous choice it was! Without a doubt Liam was the kindest, gentlest and most laid back dog we had we ever had the privilege of owning. He particularly enjoyed the BBC shows on wild animals and joined in the chase until the images ran off the screen and he would investigate behind the TV to see where they went. He would wait until they reappeared on the screen and the chase would continue for hours.

His favorite time of the day was tea-time which he could time to the second. I would enjoy tea and he would enjoy his cookies. He was enjoyed by the entire family especially his grandmother who often forgot his name and called him Boofer.

Liam was a special part of our lives and an extremely special dog. Though he is no longer by our side he is forever in our hearts.

Sasha Bithrey

October 15, 2005 - July 1, 2014

sasha bithreySasha loved people, and would approach even complete strangers with her loopy Lab smile and ingratiating manner, always open for a pat, hopeful of receiving a treat. She came into our lives three years ago, when our son asked us to consider 'adopting' her; work commitments were making it difficult for him to spend enough time with her. He felt that she deserved a full time family. My husband was living with Alzheimer's Disease, and I was his caregiver, so it seemed challenging to bring a pet into our home, but from the start, Sasha was a welcome addition. We loved her, she loved us. She got us out for walks, and provided my husband with tasks around her care. When he went into a care facility recently, Sasha became a keen "Pet Visitor". She was my loyal roommate, and the two of us were a recognizable team on our walks in the neighborhood. Just after the last walk of her life, Sasha suffered a brain aneurysm that stole her away within moments. She left a huge hole in all of our lives with her passing.
"Goodbye, Young Dog. We will miss you forever. Rest in peace."

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