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canine monument

K-9 Monument

Constables and Canines 500In our Park, we have a special monument dedicated to K-9's. This monument reads "In recognition of the dedication and courage demonstrated internationally by Police Canine Units."

Canine teams undergo extensive training which includes promoting obedience, exposing the dogs to obstacles such as stairways, heights, ladders, tunnels and water. The emphasis is on tracking. Training the dogs to follow specific human scent over various terrains in all weather conditions requires determination, concentration and patience. These dogs are taught to protect the handler on command even in the face of gunfire. Canines can also be trained to detect narcotics. Gosh we’re a versatile species!

Specialty dogs, usually Labrador retrievers, are trained for specific duties. They can be trained to detect explosives, to detect human remains that are buried or under water, and to locate people buried as a result of a disaster.

Constables and Canines 400Careful consideration is given to the selection of both dog and handler. German shepherds, aged 18 to 24 months, are usually chosen for general service duties. This breed is renowned for its' keen sense of hearing and smell, its' even temperament, stability, alertness and for its dependability in various weather conditions. I know we dogs are always happy to run around, but these dogs handlers must be in top physical condition in order to keep pace with their companions. I bet I would have made a good police canine, because I was good at detecting trouble when it was present.

For more information on Police Canine Units, please click here.

My friends at the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) held a special recognition ceremony at their General Headquarters (GHQ) in Orillia for Cloud II, the legendary German Shepherd who was the first OPP Canine Unit police dog to give his life in the line of duty in 1975. Read More



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