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Celebrating the Animal  Human Bond

Beautiful Joe Heritage Society

Peter Francis Memorial Bench

On March 5, 2003, the Beautiful Joe Heritage Society lost a very special friend.  This bench is located in a very picturesque spot in Beautiful Joe Park with a view of the flood-plain and curve of the Bighead River.

Peter Norton Francis
Beautiful Joe Heritage Society
Founder and Treasurer
In the hearts of all who knew him
His memory lives on
His love endures
peter francis memorial 500


beautiful joe park 400Pictured on the left is Gunter Neumann with his dog Piper sitting on Peter’s memorial bench. Gunter was the creator of many of the monuments in the Park and a driving force in the development of my Park.  He had an exceptional artistic talent and my friends at the Beautiful Joe Heritage Society will be ever thankful for all his hard work and vision.

Gunter passed away in May 2018.  In November 2017, Gunter had placed a bench in my Park to honour Piper, who predeceased him.  It is located directly across from the 9/11 Monument.  


Rest in peace my friends, and thank you.