I just discovered your website and was so happy that such a wonderful book has blossomed into such a unique learning experience. I have always loved animals, and received a copy of Beautiful Joe as a child, as my parents knew I loved to read and I loved animals so they knew this gift was one I would enjoy, but now at age 52, I can honestly say, that this book fired in me a lifelong desire to help suffering animals and to eliminate cruelty in all its forms.

As a child this book touched me in such a profound way that it has never left me. It is one of my cherished possessions and I feel it should be required reading for every school child. I just wanted to thank all those involved for helping to perpetuate such a wonderful cause of eliminating suffering and promoting caring for all Gods’ creatures. My 17 year old daughter Katie has also read and enjoyed the book herself many times, so I am proud to have raised a compassionate daughter who may herself one day further the cause of animal welfare as I have tried to do.
— Sincerely yours, (Mrs) Michal Coker Fairfield, Alabama USA