Sunny Sunday Tours of Beautiful Joe Park

In July & August, if it’s SUNNY and it’s SUNDAY (aka not raining), join one of my friends from the Beautiful Joe Heritage Society for a relaxing 30-minute walking tour of Beautiful Joe Park (162 Edwin Street).  Once within the park, the footing for the tour is level and there are several benches for resting spots if needed.

TIME:  noon to 2 p.m.

Tour features:

  • history of the author (Marshall Saunders) and my story
  • interesting, amusing and sometimes emotional anecdotes … and some strange coincidences
  • learn the story of this historic and unique park, its monuments … and it’s future

Interested in a  private or group tour, contact us  Groups of up to 40 people can be accommodated with advance notice.

Beautiful Joe’s ANNUAL Pooch Pool Party

 Sat., September 3, 2022     Time: TBA

 We’re back with loads of splash-y fun in 2022 at Meaford’s Blue Dolphin Pool.

Check back for details

Enjoy my website and if you would like to tell us your animal companion story or volunteer for our Society, (you should see my tail wagging), send us an email or share with us on Facebook, or if you’re old fashioned like Margaret Marshall Saunders, you can write to us.


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