It may be fun, it may educational, it may be fundraising … but whatever it is, my friends at the Beautiful Joe Heritage Society will be raising my profile and telling folks about my story and my unique park.

 Celebrate the Animal / Human bond! #CutePetTuesdays

Social Media Campaign

Have you sent your pet’s picture to us?

Your pet wants to help spread Joe’s story and news of his park!   Send your favourite pet pics – whether it’s cats, dogs, horses, rabbits – whatever your pet is, and wherever they live –  they are welcome to enter. 

Submit:  your favourite pic along with pet’s name and hometown to

Check every Tuesday on Facebook and Instagram to see if your pet is there!




Book a Private Tour of Beautiful Joe Park

We’re proud of our park and want to tell you or your group all about it! Take a walk with an expert from the Beautiful Joe Heritage Society

Learn about ….

  • the story of Beautiful Joe, his rescue and how he became famous
  • the remarkable story-teller and author of 24 books
  • how the park came to be and who made it happen
  • the further vision of the park and how you can help

Anecdotes keep the presentation light and entertaining – all while enjoying the beauty and tranquility of this special place that celebrates the animal / human bond

    Contact to arrange your tour.   Groups of up to 40 people can be accommodated with advance  notice. 

    Once inside the park, our walking trail is level with several benches throughout.

    Sunny Sunday Tours

    will be back in 2024

    If it’s Sunny & it’s a Sunday in July or August, come to this shady park between noon and 2 p.m. and join an expert from the Beautiful Joe Heritage Society for a walking tour of this unique place.  Learn about our famous dog, the author that made him famous and how the park developed into what it is today.  Sunday tours are approximately 1/2 hour in duration with many anecdotes.

    Interested in a  private or group tour with us at another time? 

    Contact us  Private tours are available throughout the year.  Groups of up to 40 people can be accommodated with advance  notice.