Liam was born at Milsean Kennels in Milgrove, Ontario on Jan.15, 2004. He and his sister were the only blond Bouviers in the litter and since our previous two Bouvs had been the traditional black , we decided to try a blond and what miraculous choice it was! Without a doubt Liam was the kindest, gentlest and most laid back dog we had we ever had the privilege of owning. He particularly enjoyed the BBC shows on wild animals and joined in the chase until the images ran off the screen and he would investigate behind the TV to see where they went. He would wait until they reappeared on the screen and the chase would continue for hours.

His favorite time of the day was tea-time which he could time to the second. I would enjoy tea and he would enjoy his cookies. He was enjoyed by the entire family especially his grandmother who often forgot his name and called him Boofer.

Liam was a special part of our lives and an extremely special dog. Though he is no longer by our side he is forever in our hearts.