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Beautiful Joe

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This is my timeless story that made me so famous – as well as my author (Margaret) Marshall Saunders. Although it has been republished many times since 1894, the Beautiful Joe Heritage Society offer this version from Formac Publishing and it comes straight from Nova Scotia, the province of the author’s birth.

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Synopsis from Goodreads:

“Based on true events, Beautiful Joe tells the story of a dog that is rescued from the hands of a cruel master who removes his ears and tail in a fit of anger. The Morris family comes to his aid and carefully nurses the dog back to health, giving him the name, Beautiful Joe. Originally published in 1894, it is told from the perspective of Joe himself, who quickly finds that he is in the company of many other animals that the Morrises have saved from harm. They firmly believe that every creature has the right to a full and happy life. Despite his horrible, early experiences he falls in love with his adopted family and becomes a loyal and trustworthy companion.”

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