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Celebrating the Animal  Human Bond

Beautiful Joe Heritage Society


Volunteerism –is about self-esteem and freely sharing of one’s talent and wisdom; enhancing the community’s quality of life.

volunteer 400Volunteers are an integral part of the Beautiful Joe Heritage Society. We benefit and are able to move our goals forward because of the skills our volunteers bring to us.
A few of the benefits of volunteering for Beautiful Joe:

  • The opportunity to work with our other gifted volunteers to help us achieve our vision
  • The opportunity to learn about our local history
  • Participation in events
  • Become an Ambassador for the Society
  • Act as a steward to my Parks

In the last few years, through the contributions of volunteers like you, the Beautiful Joe Heritage Society has achieved:

  • A tribute to Police Canine Units and their handlers (2000)
  • A September 11, 2001 tribute to canines and officers lost in the line of duty
  • Recognition of the Search & Rescue animals deployed to Ground Zero was added at the 9/11 monument (2016).  This plaque honoured Bretagne, the last known surviving canine rescue dog.
  • A tribute to Personal Service Dogs who help those with physical challenges (2004)
  • The unveiling of a bronze sculpture of Beautiful Joe at the park entrance (June 15, 2004)
  • The creation of a Paradise Island display structure for commemorative plaques honouring cherished pets (since 2000)
  • Ongoing improvements to Beautiful Joe Park such as stoned walkways, new trails, entrance enhancements to accommodate accessibility of large vehicles and annual maintenance
  • Creation of a Leash-free Park for the enjoyment of animals and their humans

Presently, volunteers are needed to assist with:

  • Improvements to BJ Park and general maintenance of this and the Leash-free Park
  • Fundraising and Community Awareness
  • Event Coordination
  • Social media development
  • Office Administration
  • Accounting
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Membership and Volunteers

I and my Society sincerely thank all of the Volunteers who have contributed so much to enhancing my Park. We look forward to welcoming all new Volunteers to join us as we continue to promote and increase the awareness of various aspects of our proud Canadian heritage.


Enjoy reading and participating in my website and if you would like to tell us your animal companion story or volunteer for our Society we’d love to hear from you (you should see my tail wagging just thinking about it), please send us an email or friend us on Facebook,
or if you’re old fashioned like Margaret Marshall Saunders, you can write to us at:
Beautiful Joe Heritage Society
PO Box 3304, Meaford, Ontario, Canada N4L 1A5
Tel: (519) 538-5895 Email:

Beautiful Joe Heritage Society preserves and promotes the historical legacies of both 'Beautiful Joe' and
Margaret Marshall Saunders and celebrates the natural bond between animals and humans.